What do we do?

What do we do?

Posted by Kristi Comeaux on 22nd Sep 2020

What is LDD Concepts?

We are a custom product company that offers personalized products such as apparel, drinkware, hats, koozies, window decals, face masks, hand sanitizer, etc. for your business, family reunion, girls trip, birthday or event. But the difference with us and all of the other custom shops around is we don't demand the large quantities! (did you hear that small businesses?!) What's even better than that, we offer a customized selling platform for your team, customers and everyone in between to shop YOUR branded products.

Being a small business, we struggled with not needing hundreds of products, but we wanted to be able to do giveaways and contests where we could gift customers custom merchandise with our brand on it. (What better way to market than with your amazing customers?)

Because of that, we have shifted gears from gift store to custom products!
But don't worry! We still offer all of this to our current customers (you don't have to own a small business to benefit from this!)